Malaviya Seven: Court allows sale of boat detained over unpaid wages

Malaviya Seven crew

A sheriff has granted a warrant to allow the sale of a boat which has been detained at Aberdeen harbour for more than a year because workers have not been paid.

The Malaviya Seven was detained in June last year as crew members had not been paid. It was detained again in October.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) believes the crew are now owed more than £600,000 in total.

The offshore vessel will now be sold at auction, with wages then being paid.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard there has already been interest in the vessel, which will be advertised for sale around the world.

The ITF union expects the to sale to cover the unpaid wages of crew.

The court heard Aberdeen Harbour Board is owed money, and will request first right to any excess funds after the crew is paid.

The court previously ruled the ship should be valued for sale.

A broker prepared a report for the sheriff to consider.

A writ was earlier served which prevented the ship from leaving Aberdeen harbour.

The crew were recently guests of honour at Peterhead FC for an Irn Bru Cup game with Annan Athletic at Balmoor Stadium, after the club learned of their plight.

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