RSPCA called to rescue lizard – which turns out to be a sock

The dirty sock

A family has been left “quite mortified” after calling the RSPCA out to deal with a rare lizard – that turned out to be a dirty sock.

An RSPCA officer was called to an address in Coventry by the family, scared by a lizard under the bed.

The officer, Vic Hurr, said she approached the unmoving reptile “cautiously” at the house on Goring Road, unable to identify its breed.

On closer inspection, Ms Hurr realised it wasn’t a lizard, but a dirty sock.

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“It was around seven inches long and about two inches wide,” Ms Hurr said, when she saw the suspected lizard on Friday.

“It was protruding from the edge of the bed and it wasn’t moving at all.

“I got out my torch to see better and that’s when I realised it wasn’t a lizard at all, it was a pink stripy sock.”

An RSPCA spokesperson said the family were “quite mortified” at having called the service to the rescue.

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